Certified Kosher Certified Organic Chicken Turkey and Beef

Why Kosher & Organic?

BESHERT is the Yiddish word for “a match made in heaven” — and that’s how we describe the WISE ORGANIC PASTURES double certification. It’s the ideal combination of kosher and organic, bringing you a product that is superior in every way.

Kosher Purity

For us, producing meat that is kosher — literally “fit” or “proper” — is more than following the Jewish laws of food preparation. It’s a commitment we make every day to the hygiene of our processing, the health of our product and the humane treatment of our animals.

  • We take careful steps in the preparation of our kosher poultry and beef to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, assuring the highest-quality product.
  • We believe that only healthy animals, which have been given a clean bill of health by a trained rabbi, are suitable for preparing kosher meat.
  • We honor all life, and ensure the slaughtering process is as quick and pain-free as possible.

WISE ORGANIC PASTURES beef and poultry is processed in modern facilities, by a family dedicated to old-fashioned quality, under strict supervision of both Central Rabbinical Congress (Hisachdus)  and the Star-K.


Organic Integrity

We’ve been organic since the beginning.

By the time the USDA’s national organic standards went into effect in 2002, WISE ORGANIC PASTURES had been unofficially organic for a decade. It just seemed like the right thing to do: raise poultry on an organic diet, give them access to sunshine, fresh air and pasture, and keep them off antibiotics and hormones. Not surprisingly, our organic meat label was one of the first ever approved by the USDA.

The official organic seal, present on all of our products, guarantees our animals are:

  • Raised on a vegetarian diet, with absolutely no animal by-products
  • Given no antibiotics or growth hormones, ever
  • Fed only 100% organic feed, grown without pesticides and free of GMOs
  • Able to roam freely, with access to green grass and blue skies

Just as important to us is that our chickens, turkeys and cows are raised humanely by family farmers we know and trust.

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