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About Us

Meet Rachel and Issac

When Rachel Wiesenfeld started WISE ORGANIC PASTURES in 1992, she wanted what any good Jewish mother would want for her family: wholesome chicken raised the old-fashioned way — free range, organically fed, hormone-free — and processed according to strict kosher standards.

At the time, there was organic chicken. And there was kosher chicken. But no one was offering chicken that was both organic and kosher. So with just a telephone, a carload of chickens, and plenty of chutzpah, Rachel started WISE ORGANIC PASTURES. She partnered with an organic farmer and family-owned poultry processor who met her high standards, and wrote her first orders in her Brooklyn kitchen.

Today, son Issac — just a teenager when WISE ORGANIC PASTURES was founded — has taken over the family business, carrying on Rachel’s same commitment to quality, purity and taste. “Our vision is simple,” says Issac. “Bring our customers good-quality, healthy, kosher and organic meat and poultry that has been raised humanely and tastes great.”

Meet the Farmers

All WISE ORGANIC PASTURES chicken is raised by a group of ten small family farms nestled in the verdant, sun-drenched valleys of the Appalachian foothills in rural Pennsylvania. To the east is the Susquehanna River. To the west is state forest. And underfoot are green Timothy and orchard grasses, blanketing the landscape of rolling hills.

Each day, the chickens have their choice: roam around the spacious, temperature-controlled, highly ventilated chicken house (where 100% of the air is exchanged every 60 seconds). Or wander the green pastures that lie outside the chicken house door. It’s a good life for a chicken.

Billy Robinson is a lifetime farmer and the liaison between the farming collective and WISE ORGANIC PASTURES. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a farmer,” he says. “I just like being closer to the land and closer to the animals.”

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